Breach (band)

Breach was a Swedish post-hardcore band, which originally formed in 1993 in Luleå, Sweden. The band, which included a large line-up near the end of their lifetime as a group, is noted for combining various elements of hardcore with metal music. They issued 5 full-lengths through Burning Heart Records and a slew of EPs through a variety of labels before officially breaking up in 2002. Since their split, the group has performed one reunion show in 2007. [1]

OriginLuleå, Sweden
GenresPost-hardcore, post-metal
Years active1993–2002, 2007
LabelsBurning Heart Records, Relapse Records, Chrome Saint Magnus, Apocaplexy Records
Associated actsFireside, The Ocean, Neurosis, ISIS, Cult of Luna, Refused
Past membersAnders Ekström
Tomas Hallbom
Niklas Quintana
Per Nordmark
Tomas Turunen
Johan Gustafsson
Janne Westerberg
Kristian Andersson
Magnus Höggren
Erik Carlsson
Kalle Nyman
Jejo Perkovic


The band was formed in Luleå in 1993, and released their first full-length album in 1995. Pelle Gunnerfeldt from Fireside recorded and mixed several of the group's albums. Shortly after the release of Kollapse the band announced that they had decided to split up. Vocalist Tomas Hallbom explained that while there were many factors into the group's break-up, the primary reason for their split was caused by the lack of agreements made within the band's expansive seven-member line-up.[2] The band played a reunion show in Stockholm on 6 December 2007 and ended the show by destroying all their instruments, leading fans to speculate that this would be the band's final show.

Musical styleEdit

Breach started as a metal influenced hardcore band. The band's later style features a mixture of hardcore, crust punk, post-hardcore, post rock and black/thrash metal. They combine fast metallic parts with clean, atmospheric guitar lines. Their production is a lot rawer and harsher than that of most modern post-hardcore bands. Critic Steve Huey compared the band's sound to the "difficult-to-classify hardcore/metal hybrids on the Victory Records label."[3] Stephen Hill of Louder Sound described the band's style as "Unsane or Prong with more expansive flourishes" as well as name their 2000 album Venom as an underrated release within the European hardcore scene.[4] Kollapse was named "a masterpiece in the violent birth of post-metal" on[5]

Band membersEdit

Final line-up
  • Tomas Hallbom (Vocals)
  • Anders Ekström (Guitar)
  • Niklas Quintana (Guitar)
  • Johan Gustafsson (Bass)
  • Tomas Turunen (Drums)
  • Per Nordmark (Drums)
Former members
  • Magnus Höggren (Bass)
  • Kalle Nyman (Bass)
  • Jejo Perkovic (Drums)
  • Janne Westerberg (Drums)
  • Erik Carlsson (Guitar)
  • Kristian Andersson (Bass)


Studio albums
  • Friction (October 27, 1995, Burning Heart)
  • It's Me God (April 28, 1997, Burning Heart)
  • Venom (February 29, 2000, Relapse)
  • Kollapse (December 3, 2001, Burning Heart)
Singles and EPs
  • Outlines CDEP (June 1, 1994, Burning Heart)
  • Untitled 7" (1996, Chapel Hill)
  • Old Songs vs. New Beats CDEP (June 1, 1996, Burning Heart)
  • 6-Song Split CD split CDEP with Regression (April 17, 1997, Burning Heart/Good Life)
  • Amen/Last Rites 7" (January 1, 1999, Trust No One)
  • Godbox 12"/CDEP (2002, Chrome Saint Mangus)


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