Bravo, My Life

Bravo, My Life (Korean사랑해... 말순씨; RRSaranghae, Malsoonssi; lit. "I Love You, Mal-soon"), also known as Mommy, Dearest, is a 2005 South Korean film directed by Park Heung-sik about an adolescent boy who starts to come of age in the late 70s and early 80s, largely oblivious to the dramatic political events occurring around him.[2] The film sold 406,526 tickets nationwide.[3]

Bravo, My Life
Bravo, My Life (2005 film) poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised RomanizationSaranghae, Malsoonssi
McCune–ReischauerSaranghae, Malsunssi
Directed byPark Heung-sik
Produced byBae Yong-guk
Written byPark Heung-sik
Kang Byeong-hwa
Jang Hak-gyo
StarringMoon So-ri
Lee Jae-eung
Music byJo Seong-woo
CinematographyChoi Young-taek
Edited byOh Myeong-jun
Distributed byShoweast
Release date
  • 3 November 2005 (2005-11-03)
Running time
92 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Box officeUS$2,137,265[1]


Bravo, My Life! opens in October 1979 with the news of President Park Chung-hee's assassination. But for 14-year-old Gwang-ho, it is more importantly his first day at junior high, where the kids are interested in football and brawling. Gwang-ho's mother, Mal-soon, whose husband is working in Saudi Arabia, devotes everything to her children. Despite a nagging illness, Mal-soon wears heavy make-up as she sells cosmetics door-to-door. Meanwhile, as his sexual awareness increases, Gwang-ho turns his attention and affection to their pretty neighbor Eun-sook, an assistant nurse who is the complete opposite of Gwang-ho's mother. One day, Gwang-ho receives a "good-luck letter." The letter states that unless he immediately writes and sends the same letter to someone else, he will be faced with bad luck. He starts sending it to people around him, but as those people start vanishing, Gwang-ho is racked with guilt, suspecting the letter of luck is the cause of their disappearance.



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