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Bradwell Institute is a public high school located in Hinesville, Georgia, United States. It serves the western half of Hinesville, including western Fort Stewart, Walthourville, Allenhurst, and Gumbranch.[citation needed] It is a part of the Liberty County School District.

Its principal is Mr. Toriano Gilbert.[1]

Bradwell serves grades 9–12 with about 1,600 students currently enrolled.

School activities include football, basketball, baseball, softball, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, golf, tennis, cross country, track & field, and rifle team JROTC.


According to the school's website:

"Bradwell Institute was founded in 1871 by Captain Samuel Dowse Bradwell, C.S.A, and others, succeeding the Hinesville Institute, which had closed during the American Civil War. The school was named for Colonel James Sharpe Bradwell, father of Captain Bradwell. For many years, Bradwell Institute was a private school where students paid tuition and boarded in private homes. Thereafter it became a 12-year public school. Today, Bradwell Institute is a public comprehensive high school with a curriculum that is geared to the interests and needs of students of different ability levels and educational backgrounds. Bradwell also offers a variety of student activities to match the varied interests of the student body. The school is continually upgrading facilities and equipment in order to keep up with the changes occurring in education and business today."

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