Brøndby Strand

Brøndby Strand (in English: 'Well Town' Beach) is a suburb in Brøndby Municipality, approximately 13 km (8.1 mi) south-west of central Copenhagen, Denmark

Brøndby Strand projects


Brøndby Strand contains a large housing project, in which 8,000 of the suburb's 11,000 inhabitants live. The area is known for having various social problems: many of the inhabitants are unemployed. Of the total population, 60% are immigrants or Danes with immigrant parents, most of whom live in the housing projects. It contains about a dozen high-rise residential estates of a big multicultural mix, and is home to a number of successful hip hop and urban rap artists of national and international stature. The suburb is connected with the S-train.

Notable peopleEdit


Burhan G, 2011
  • Majid (born 1975) a Danish rapper of Moroccan-Berber origin
  • Burhan Genç Koç (born 1983) known as Burhan G, a Danish R&B and pop singer, songwriter and producer [1]
  • Sivas Torbati (born ca. 1990) known as Sivas a Danish rapper of Iranian origin
  • Outlandish (1997-2017) a hip-hop music group


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Coordinates: 55°37′08″N 12°25′03″E / 55.618776°N 12.417372°E / 55.618776; 12.417372