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Boxing at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Welterweight

The men's welterweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1992 Summer Olympics. The weight class allowed boxers of up to 67 kilograms to compete. The competition was held from 26 July to 8 August 1992. 30 boxers from 30 nations competed.[1]

Welterweight boxing
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
VenuePavelló Club Joventut Badalona
Dates26 July – 8 August
Competitors30 from 30 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Michael Carruth  Ireland
2nd, silver medalist(s) Juan Hernández Sierra  Cuba
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Aníbal Santiago Acevedo  Puerto Rico
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Arkhom Chenglai  Thailand
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The following boxers took part in the event:[1]

Rank Name Country
1 Michael Carruth   Ireland
2 Juan Hernández Sierra   Cuba
3T Aníbal Santiago Acevedo   Puerto Rico
3T Arkhom Chenglai   Thailand
5T Andreas Otto   Germany
5T Vitalijus Karpačiauskas   Lithuania
5T Francisc Vaştag   Romania
5T Sören Antman   Sweden
9T Maselino Tuifao   Samoa
9T Mario Romero   Nicaragua
9T Pepe Reilly   United States
9T Nick Odore   Kenya
9T Stefan Scriggins   Australia
9T Adrian Carew-Dodson   Great Britain
9T César Ramos   Dominican Republic
9T Jeon Jin-cheol   South Korea
17T Andrew Lewis   Guyana
17T Shah Khyber   Pakistan
17T Víctor Baute   Spain
17T Andrey Pestryayev   Unified Team
17T Yusef Khateri   Iran
17T José de la Cruz   Venezuela
17T Harry Simon   Namibia
17T Francisco Moniz   Angola
17T Masashi Kawakami   Japan
17T Tajudeen Sabitu   Nigeria
17T Giovanni Pretorius   South Africa
17T Wiesław Małyszko   Poland
17T Abdellah Taouane   Morocco
17T Saïd Ben Najem   France

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