Boxing at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Featherweight

The Featherweight class in the boxing competition was the fourth-lowest weight class. Featherweights were limited to those boxers weighing a maximum of 57 kilograms (125.7 lbs). 32 boxers qualified for this category. Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. Both semifinal losers were awarded bronze medals, so no boxers competed again after their first loss. Bouts consisted of six rounds each. Five judges scored each bout.[1]


Gold Antonio Roldán
Silver Al Robinson
  United States
Bronze Philip Waruinge
Ivan Mihailov

Robinson was controversially disqualified for alleged head-butting in the gold medal bout, and did not receive his silver medal. After a successful protest by American officials, Robinson was awarded silver.[2]


Date Round
Tuesday, October 15, 1968 First round
Thursday, October 17, 1968 Second round
Tuesday, October 22, 1968 Quarterfinals
Thursday, October 24, 1968 Semifinals
Saturday, October 26, 1968 Final Bout


First round Second round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  Miguel García (ARG) 3
  Francisco Oduardo (CUB) 2   Miguel García (ARG) 5
  Aurel Simion (ROU) 5   Aurel Simion (ROU) 0
  Mario Santamaria (NCA) 0   Miguel García (ARG) 1
  Philip Waruinge (KEN) 5   Philip Waruinge (KEN) 4
  Jean-Paul Anton (FRA) 0   Philip Waruinge (KEN) 5
  Mohamed Sourour (MAR) 4   Mohamed Sourour (MAR) 0
  Ali Mebarki (ALG) 1   Philip Waruinge (KEN) 2
  Elio Cotena (ITA) 5   Antonio Roldán (MEX) 3
  Cari-Axel Palm (SWE) 0   Elio Cotena (ITA) 2
  Valery Plotnikov (URS) 5   Valery Plotnikov (URS) 3
  Risto Meronen (FIN) 0   Valery Plotnikov (URS) 1
  Edward Tracey (IRL) 4   Antonio Roldán (MEX) 3
  Errol West (JAM) 1   Edward Tracey (IRL) 1
  Antonio Roldán (MEX) 5   Antonio Roldán (MEX) 4
  Hwad Abdel (SUD) 0   Antonio Roldán (MEX)
  Teogenes Pelegrino (PHI) KO-2   Al Robinson (USA) DSQ
  Fantahun Seifu (ETH)   Teogenes Pelegrino (PHI)
  Al Robinson (USA) RSC   Al Robinson (USA) KO-2
  John Cheshire (GBR)   Al Robinson (USA) 5
  Jovan Pajković (YUG) 5   Abdel Khallaf (EGY) 0
  Reinaldo Mercado (PUR) 0   Pajkovic Jovan (YUG) DSQ
  Abdel Hadj Khallaf Allah (EGY) 4   Abdel Khallaf (EGY)
  Mouldi Manai (TUN) 1   Al Robinson (USA) 4
  Seyfi Tatar (TUR) 5   Ivan Mihailov (BUL) 1
  Andrés Martín (ESP) 0   Seyfi Tatar (TUR) 3
  Kim Seong-eun (KOR) 3   Kim Sung-eun (KOR) 2
  Tadashi Okamoto (JPN) 2   Seyfi Tatar (TUR) 2
  Ivan Mihailov (BUL) 4   Ivan Mihailov (BUL) 3
  Jan Wadas (POL) 1   Ivan Mihailov (BUL) 5
  Nils Dag Strømme (NOR) 3   Nils-Dag Stromme (NOR) 0
  Werner Ruzicka (FRG) 2


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