Boxing at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Bantamweight

The Bantamweight class in the boxing competition was the third-lowest weight class. Bantamweights were limited to those boxers weighing a maximum of 54 kilograms (119.1 lbs). 39 boxers qualified for this category. Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. Both semifinal losers were awarded bronze medals, so no boxers competed again after their first loss. Bouts consisted of six rounds each. Five judges scored each bout.[1]


Gold Valerian Sokolov
  Soviet Union
Silver Eridadi Mukwanga
Bronze Eiji Morioka
Chang Kyou-chul
  South Korea


Date Round
Sunday, October 13, 1968 First round
Wednesday, October 16, 1968 Second round
Monday, October 21, 1968 Third round
Wednesday, October 23, 1968 Quarterfinals
Thursday, October 24, 1968 Semifinals
Saturday, October 26, 1968 Final Bout



Semifinals Final
  Valerian Sokolov (URS) 5
  Eiji Morioka (JPN) 0   Valerian Sokolov (URS) RSC
  Eridadi Mukwanga (UGA) 4   Eridadi Mukwanga (UGA)
  Chang Kyou-chul (KOR) 1

Top HalfEdit

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals Semifinals
  Valerian Sokolov (URS) 3
  Rafael Archundia (ECU) 2
  Valerian Sokolov (URS) RSC
  Michael Carter (GBR)
  Michael Carter (GBR) 5
  Jouko Lindbergh (FIN) 0
  Valerian Sokolov (URS) 5
  Samuel Mbugua (KEN) 0
  Samuel Mbugua (KEN) 5
  Dhanraj Singh (GUY) 0
  Samuel Mbugua (KEN) 3
  Giuseppe Mura (ITA) 2
  Giuseppe Mura (ITA) 5
  Andrés Torres (PUR) 0
  Valerian Sokolov (URS) 5
  Eiji Morioka (JPN) 0
  John Rakowski (AUS) 3
  Angelos Theotokatos (GRE) 2
  John Rakowski (AUS) DSQ
  Mick Dowling (IRL)
  Mick Dowling (IRL) RSC
  Bernd Juterzenka (GDR)
  Mick Dowling (IRL) 1
  Eiji Morioka (JPN) 4
  Eiji Morioka (JPN) 4
  Dominador Calumarde (PHI) 1
  Eiji Morioka (JPN) 4
  Aldo Cosentino (FRA) 1
  Aldo Cosentino (FRA) 5
  Kjell Fredriksson (SWE) 0

Bottom HalfEdit

First round Second round Third round Quarterfinals Semifinals
  Nicolae Gîju (ROU) 5
  Samuel Goss (USA) 0
  Nicolae Giju (ROU)
  Eridadi Mukwanga (UGA) RSC
  Eridadi Mukwanga (UGA) KO-2
  Ramiro Suárez (ESP)
  Eridadi Mukwanga (UGA) 4
  Roberto Cervantes (MEX) 1
  Roberto Cervantes (MEX) 5
  Jan Gałązka (POL) 0
  Roberto Cervantes (MEX)
  Domingo Casco (ARG) DSQ
  Domingo Casco (ARG) 3
  Mahmoud Ladjili (TUN) 2
  Eridadi Mukwanga (UGA) 4
  Chang Kyou-chul (KOR) 1
  Wang Chee-Yen (TPE) 2
  Chang Kyou-chul (KOR) 5   Chang Kyou-chul (KOR) 3
  Mario Mendoza (GUA) 0   Chang Kyou-chul (KOR) RSC
  Fermín Espinosa (CUB) 4   Nikola Savov (BUL)
  Cherdchai Udompaichitkul (THA) 1   Fermín Espinosa (CUB)
  Nikola Savov (BUL) RSC   Nikola Savov (BUL) RSC
  Godfrey Mwamba (ZAM)   Chang Kyou-chul (KOR) 5
  Sulley Shittu (GHA) 4   Horst Rascher (FRG) 0
  Dary Dasuda (NIG) 1   Sulley Shittu (GHA) 5
  Gyula Szabó (HUN) 3   Gyula Szabó (HUN) 0
  Guillermo Velásquez (CHI) 2   Sulley Shittu (GHA) 3
  Horst Rascher (FRG) RSC   Horst Rascher (FRG) 2
  John Dadigi (NGR)   Horst Rascher (FRG) 4
  Kenneth Campbell (JAM) 5   Kenneth Campbell (JAM) 1
  Hermes Silva (NCA) 0


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