Boxing at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Welterweight

The men's welterweight event was part of the boxing programme at the 1952 Summer Olympics. The weight class allowed boxers of up to 67 kilograms to compete. The competition was held from 29 July to 2 August 1952. 29 boxers from 29 nations competed.[1]

Welterweight boxing
at the Games of the XV Olympiad
Dates29 July – 2 August
Competitors29 from 29 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Zygmunt Chychla  Poland
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Sergei Scherbakov  Soviet Union
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Günther Heidemann  Germany
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Victor Jörgensen  Denmark
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Gold Zygmunt Chychla
Silver Sergei Scherbakov
  Soviet Union
Bronze Günther Heidemann
Bronze Victor Jörgensen


Winner NOC Result Loser NOC
First Round (July 29)
Ron Norris India BYE
Jacob Butula Canada BYE
Iivari Malmikoski Finland BYE
Victor Jörgensen Denmark TKO 2R Alexandre Dib Brazil
Sergei Scherbakov Soviet Union DISG 3R Marcos Sarfatti Argentina
Hendrik van der Linde South Africa TKO 1R Anwar Pasha Pakistan
Harry Gunnarsson Sweden TKO 2R Peter Crotty Ireland
Franco Vescovi Italy 2 – 0 Jeannot Welter Luxembourg
Július Torma Czechoslovakia 2 – 1 Johnny Maloney Great Britain
Louis Gage United States KO 1R Ali Belkacem France
Zygmunt Chychla Poland 3 – 0 Pierre Wouters Belgium
José Dávalos Mexico TKO 3R Vicente Tuñacao Philippines
Günther Heidemann Germany 2 – 1 Pál Budai Hungary
Nicolae Linca Romania 3 – 0 Sergio Gascue Venezuela
George Issabeg Iran DISG 3R Fathi Abdel Rahman Egypt
Moos Linneman Netherlands Walk-over in 3R Peter Müller Switzerland
Second Round (July 29 & 30)
Ron Norris India TKO 3R Jacob Butula Canada
Victor Jörgensen Denmark 2 – 1 Ivar Mikael Malmikoski Finland
Sergei Scherbakov Soviet Union KO 2R Hendrik Dirk van der Linde South Africa
Franco Vescovi Italy Walk-over Gunnar Harry Ingemar Gunnarsson Sweden
Július Torma Czechoslovakia 2 – 1 Louis Gage United States
Zygmunt Chychla Poland 3 – 0 José Luis Dávalos Noriega Mexico
Günther Heidemann Germany TKO 1R Nicolae Linca Romania
Moos Linneman Netherlands 2 – 1 George Issabeg Iran
Third Round (July 31)
Zygmunt Chychla Poland 2 – 1 Július Torma Czechoslovakia
Victor Jörgensen Denmark 3 – 0 Ron Norris India
Günther Heidemann Germany 3 – 0 Moos Linneman Netherlands
Sergei Scherbakov Soviet Union 3 – 0 Franco Vescovi Italy
Semi-final (August 1)
Sergei Scherbakov Soviet Union 3 – 0 Victor Jörgensen Denmark
Zygmunt Chychla Poland 2 – 1 Günther Heidemann Germany
Final (August 2)
Zygmunt Chychla Poland 3 – 0 Sergei Scherbakov Soviet Union


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