Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation

Coordinates: 50°43′16″N 1°52′16″W / 50.721°N 1.871°W / 50.721; -1.871

The Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation is a synagogue in Lansdowne, Bournemouth, England. Its Rabbi is Adrian Jesner.

Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation
East Face of the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation Synagogue (01).jpg
The east face of the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation synagogue
RiteOrthodox Judaism
LeadershipRabbi Adrian Jesner
LocationWootton Gardens, Lansdowne, Bournemouth, Dorset, England
StyleArt Nouveau, Moorish Revival


The congregation was formed in 1905.[1] Albert Samuel, brother of Herbert Samuel, laid the cornerstone[2] of the current synagogue, which was built in 1911.


External synagogue window featuring the Star of David

The curvilinear roof line and window shape reveal what would have been a very contemporary Art Nouveau take on the Moorish Revival style that was extremely popular for synagogues.[1] The squat tower with its square dome and "attractive interlocking window arcade" mark the original entrance. The horseshoe-arched windows to the left are also part of the original facade. The new entrance, to the right of the tower, and barrel-vaulted interior with a ladies' gallery is the result of a 1957–62 expansion.[1] The Torah Ark, also dating from the 1960s, is a mosaic design by craftsmen from Florence intended to echo the Temple of Solomon by featuring the Biblical columns Boaz and Jachin.[1]


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