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Boulet, the pen name for Gilles Roussel (French pronunciation: [bulɛ] (About this soundlisten)), is a French comic book creator and cartoonist born 1 February 1975 in Meaux, France. He was among the first French cartoonists to become famous by publishing a blog BD, starting in July 2004.

Gilles Roussel.jpg
Gilles Roussel in 2010
BornGilles Roussel
(1975-02-01) 1 February 1975 (age 45)
Meaux, France
Area(s)Cartoonist, Writer, Artist
Notable works
Donjon Zénith


Roussel studied art at the Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. In 2001, he published his first comic strip, Raghnarok. He then started a cartoon blog on the internet in July 2004,[1] which made him well known in France. Since then, he has worked for French comics strip magazine Tchô ! and Psikopat, and on many others as an author or cartoonist. He replaced Lewis Trondheim as cartoonist of the comic strip Donjon Zénith.

The popularity of his blog allowed him to become the first "Godfather"[2] of the newly created Paris Comic Strip Blog Festival (Festival des blogs BD), in 2005.

The drawings from his blog were first published in 2008, entitled "Notes".[3] Seven volumes have been published as of December 2012.

Roussel participated in the French-speaking 24-hour comics day in Montreal in 2008.[4]

He started an English version of his blog in November 2009,[5] where he republished all of his posts from the French blog from its start in 2004 in chronological order, at the rate of three posts per week.

In 2017, Boulet started a collaboration with the publisher Delcourt in order to produce Project Octopus, a collection of scientific comic books evoking subjects as diverse as the exploration of Mars to philosophy. Four to five books a year are planned to be released under this project. These books are written and drawn by artists such as Florence Porcel, Erwann Surcouf, and Héloïse Chochois, but are edited by Boulet.[6]


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  • Raghnarok T2 : Fées et gestes, published by Glénat, 2002 ISBN 2-7234-3695-0
  • Raghnarok T3 : Terreurs de la nature, published by Glénat, 2003 ISBN 2-7234-4199-7
  • Raghnarok T4 : Légendes urbaines, published by Glénat, 2005 ISBN 2-7234-4679-4
  • Raghnarok T5 : Tempus fugit, published by Glénat, 2007 ISBN 978-2-7234-5404-9
  • Raghnarok T6 : Casus Belli, published by Glénat, 2009 ISBN 978-2-7234-6309-6
  • La Rubrique Scientifique T1, published by Glénat, 2002 ISBN 2-7234-4006-0
  • La Rubrique Scientifique T2, published by Glénat, 2004 ISBN 2-7234-4200-4
  • La Rubrique Scientifique T3, published by Glénat, 2005 ISBN 2-7234-5094-5
  • Womoks T1 : Mutant suspends ton vol ! with Reno, published by Glénat, 2001 ISBN 2-7234-3570-9
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  • Le vœu de Marc with Nicolas Wild and Lucie Albon, published by La boîte à bulles, 2005 ISBN 2-84953-028-X
  • Le vœu de Simon with Lucie Albon, published by La boîte à bulles, 2007 ISBN 978-2-84953-042-9
  • Le Miya with Reno and Libon, published by Glénat, 2005 ISBN 2-7234-5206-9
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  • Erik le Viking, author Terry Jones, Fantasy collection, published by Bragelonne, 2008 ISBN 2-35294-234-9

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