Boulder Beach

Coordinates: 45°53′49.46″S 170°36′45.19″E / 45.8970722°S 170.6125528°E / -45.8970722; 170.6125528

Boulder Beach is a rocky beach which is located on the Pacific (southeast) side of the Otago Peninsula, New Zealand. Boulder Beach can be accessed by a number of walking tracks. These tracks begin at Braidwood Road, Paradise Road, Buskin Road, Seal Point Road, and Karetai Road. All these tracks are linked and create the Bolder Beach walking track system. The beach is located west of Sandfly Bay which is easier to access. Unlike Sandfly Bay Boulder Beach is very rocky with only one section which is composed of sand.

Boulder Beach from Karetai walking track, looking east. The high dunes of Sandfly Bay are visible in the distance (October 2007)
The dark boulders of Boulder Beach (October 2007)

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