Bottiaea (Greek: Βοττιαία Bottiaia) was a geographical region of ancient Macedonia and an administrative district of the Macedonian Kingdom. It was previously inhabited by the Bottiaeans, a people of uncertain origin, later expelled by the Macedonians into Bottike (Chalcidice). In Roman times it was replaced by Emathia as a geographical term.

Map of the Kingdom of Macedon with Bottiaea located in the central districts of the kingdom.


Bottiaea comprised the northeastern part of Imathia and the area between the Loudias and the Axios Rivers (the western area of today's Giannitsa).


The historic cities of Bottiaea were Aigae (Vergina) first capital of Macedon, Aloros, Pella (second capital of Macedon), Edessa, Mieza, Atalanta, Gortynia, Kyrros, Skydra, Ichnae and Beroea.


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