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Botswana national cricket team

The Botswana national cricket team is the team that represents the Republic of Botswana in international cricket. They have been an associate member of the International Cricket Council since 2005, after previously being an affiliate member since 2001[6] and an associate member in 2017.[2] They are in Division Five of the World Cricket League[7] and are ranked at joint 29th in the world by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the 5th-highest ranked non-test team in the African region.[8] The team's coach is former Kenyan ODI player Joseph Angara, who was appointed in July 2015.[9]

Flag of Botswana.svg
Nickname(s)Baggy Blues[1]
CaptainKarabo Motlhanka
CoachJoseph Angara
International Cricket Council
ICC statusAssociate member[2] (2005)
ICC regionAfrica
ICC Rankings Current [3] Best-ever
T20I 34th 30th (2-May-2019)
International cricket
First international2 September 2002 v Zambia at Lusaka, Zambia
Twenty20 Internationals
First T20Iv  Uganda at Lugogo Stadium, Kampala; 20 May 2019
Last T20Iv  Namibia at United Ground, Windhoek; 23 August 2019
T20Is Played Won/Lost
Total [4] 7 0/7
(0 ties, 0 no result)
This year [5] 7 0/7
(0 ties, 0 no result)
As of 18 November 2019

In April 2018, the ICC decided to grant full Twenty20 International (T20I) status to all its members. Therefore, all Twenty20 matches played between Botswana and other ICC members after 1 January 2019 will be a full T20I.[10] Botswana’s first T20I match is scheduled to be against Uganda on 20 May 2019, after finishing first in the Southern sub-region qualification group, advancing to the Regional Final of the 2018–19 ICC World Twenty20 Africa Qualifier tournament[11].


Cricket was started in the country by expatriates from South Africa and the Indian subcontinent.[12] Botswana was elected to the ICC as an affiliate member in 2001,[6] and played in the Africa Cup in Zambia the following year. After winning all their first-round matches against Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, they beat Kenya in the semi-final before losing by 270 runs to South Africa in the final.[13]

In March 2004, they won the African affiliates qualifying tournament for the 2005 ICC Trophy, qualifying them for the next stage of qualification, the Africa Cricket Association Championships. They beat Nigeria and Tanzania in that tournament in Zambia in August, finishing fourth, thus missing out on qualification for their first ICC Trophy.[14] They were rewarded for their performance in this tournament by being promoted to associate membership of the ICC in 2005.[6]

In 2006, they took part in Division Two of the African region of the World Cricket League, finishing second behind Tanzania.[15] This qualified them for Division Five of the World Cricket League.[7]

In May 2008, Botswana travelled to Jersey to take part in the Division Five tournament. Although Botswana beat the Bahamas in Group B, it was their only group stage win and with three losses and one match abandoned due to rain they failed to make the semi-finals. Botswana finished sixth overall after defeating Germany but losing to Singapore in positional playoff matches. With only the top two from this tournament qualifying for Division Four in Tanzania later in the year, Botswana missed out on the chance to take their 2011 World Cup dream any further.[16]

In October 2008, Botswana took part in Division Two of the African region of the World Cricket League, finishing unbeaten and winning the tournament. This victory promoted them to Division One of the Africa Region, however the date and venue for this tournament is still to be determined.[17]

In August 2009, Botswana travelled to Singapore to participate in Division Six of the World Cricket League. Despite being competitive in most of their games, Botswana won only one of five group matches and finished fifth after beating Norway in a positional playoff.[18]

In May 2011, Botswana hosted the ICC World Cricket League Division Seven with a young squad and performed admirably well, winning three league stage matches against Norway, Japan and Germany but losing out to eventual champions Kuwait, 2nd placed Nigeria and finally Germany in the placing match. The match versus Nigeria in the league stages was to decide which of the 2 nations would progress to the ICC World Cricket League Division Six to be held in Malaysia in September 2011 and by losing that match, Botswana failed to progress and will remain in Division Seven till the next instalment of the ICC WCL.

In April 2013, Botswana were given hosting rights again for the ICC World Cricket League Division 7 in their second attempt in trying to get promoted out of Division 7 after halting the relegation slide in the last edition. Beating Ghana in the first match, Botswana lost their second match in a competitive encounter against Vanuatu by 23 runs. Botswana then lost third next match heavily to eventual WCL Div 7 winners and arch rivals Nigeria. Botswana tried in vain to get back into contention for promotion but after a tied match against Germany, all hopes were dashed and the best they could hope for was a third-place finish. This was achieved by beating Fiji in the last group match and then beating them again in the third-place playoff earning Botswana a third place, finishing behind Vanuatu and Nigeria who were both promoted to Division 6 of the WCL. With the ICC's decision to eliminate the ICC World Cricket League Divisions 7 and 8, Botswana will now have to qualify through regional tournaments to make it into the ICC World Cricket League Division 6, which will now be the entry point for the World Cricket League.


Locations of all stadiums within Botswana which have hosted cricket matches with international status

Tournament historyEdit

World Cricket League Africa RegionEdit

  • 2006: Division Two runners-up[19]
  • 2008: Division Two winners[17]

World Cricket LeagueEdit

Records and StatisticsEdit

International Match Summary — Botswana[23]

Last updated 23 August 2019
Playing Record
Format M W L T NR Inaugural Match
Twenty20 Internationals 7 0 7 0 0 20 May 2019

Twenty20 InternationalEdit

T20I record versus other nations[23]

Records complete to T20I #862. Last updated 23 August 2019.

Opponent M W L T NR First match First win
vs Associate Members
  Namibia 5 0 5 0 0 22 May 2019
  Nigeria 1 0 1 0 0 21 May 2019
  Uganda 1 0 1 0 0 20 May 2019


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