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Botanischer Garten Marburg

The Botanischer Garten Marburg (20 hectares), also known as the Neuer Botanischer Garten Marburg, is a botanical garden maintained by the University of Marburg, located on Karl-von-Frisch-Straße, Marburg, Hesse, Germany, and open daily. An admission fee is charged.

The garden was created between 1961-1977 to replace the Alter Botanischer Garten Marburg, dating from 1810. Its construction involved movement of some 80,000 m³ of earth, creating a pond and a brook about 1 km long, as well as a major effort to build greenhouses. The garden was inaugurated in June 1977 to celebrate the university's 450th anniversary.

Outdoor areas of the garden are organized as follows:

In addition, the garden's greenhouses cover total area of 1,700 square meters as follows: tropical house (545 m², 12 m height); Canary Islands house (182 m² + 82 m², 7 m); tropical crop house (182 m², 7 m) with plants including Ananas comosus and Coffea arabica; Amazon house (123 m², 6 m) containing aquatic plants of the Amazon region including Bruguiera sexangula and Victoria amazonica; tropical fern house (182 m², 7 m); succulent house (227 m², 7 m); Australian outback house (182 m², 7 m); and carnivorous plant house (not open to the public).

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Coordinates: 50°48′11″N 8°48′34″E / 50.803°N 8.80938°E / 50.803; 8.80938