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Boston University Brussels, officially named the Boston University Brussels Graduate Center, and also known as BUB, was part of Boston University's Metropolitan College (MET), one of seventeen degree-granting colleges that make up Boston University. In 1972 Boston University became the first major American university to offer graduate business management degrees in Europe with the opening of its campus in Brussels, Belgium.[3]
Due to its location in the unofficial capital of Europe, home to the European Union and NATO, the school placed a strong emphasis on international business, and the student body comprised a diverse range of nationalities and cultures.[citation needed] Participants typically had several years of work experience and were often employed by one of the many multinational corporations and government organizations located in the Benelux region. Classes were held throughout the day or during weekday evenings allowing students to earn a graduate degree within 18–24 months while working full-time.

Boston University - Brussels Graduate Center
Active1972 (1972)–2014 (2014)
DeanFrank Billingsley [1]

Classes were conducted in English with fewer than 25 students.[4]

Boston University in Brussels counts more than 300'000 University alumni.[5]

The institution celebrated its 40 years existence on April, the 20th 2012.[6] Boston University Brussels closed its doors in early 2014.

Graduate programsEdit

Boston University Brussels offered several international business programs with classes taught in English following the business education style of the U.S. main campus.[7]

Graduate Degrees

  • Master of Science in Leadership (MSL)
  • Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR)

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Certificates


The Boston University Brussels campus was situated on Boulevard du Triomphe / Triomflaan opposite the Université Libre de Bruxelles La Plaine campus.[8]

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