Boston American

The Boston American was a daily tabloid newspaper published in Boston, Massachusetts from March 21, 1904 until September 30, 1961. The newspaper was part of William Randolph Hearst's chain, and thus was also known as Hearst's Boston American. [1]

The Boston American
TypeDaily newspaper
FoundedMarch 21, 1904
Ceased publicationSeptember 30, 1961
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts  United States

The Boston American featured the American Sunday Monthly Magazine.


In 1961, the Boston American merged with the Boston Record to become the Boston Record-American, a tabloid that was published throughout the day with five to six editions. In 1972, it merged with the Boston Herald Traveler (no hyphen) to become the Boston Herald-Traveler and Record American, a broadsheet that eventually was renamed the Boston Herald-American and is now the Boston Herald.[2]

Notable incidentsEdit

On the evening of January 11, 1908, there was a riot of approximately 200 unionized newsboys in front of the Boston American office. The newsboys attacked three policemen, who were stripped of their hats and badges by the newsboys. One of the cops and a bystander were hospitalized. The newsboys had stopped carrying the American after Hearst had increased its cost to them. When Hearst countered by bringing in non-unionized newsboys, the riot ensued.[3]


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