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Bosniaks are an ethnic minority group in Kosovo, numbering 27,553 according to the 2011 census. Because this census was boycotted by most Kosovo Serbs,[1] leaving the Serb population underrepresented,[2] Bosniaks were recorded as being the second-largest ethnic group in Kosovo, after the Kosovo Albanians.

Bosniaks of Kosovo
Bosniaks in Kosovo 2011 census.GIF
Bosniaks in Kosovo by settlements according to the 2011 census
Total population
27,553 (1.6%) (2011 census)
Regions with significant populations
Prizren  · Dragaš  · Peć  · Istok
Bosnian, Albanian
Predominantly Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Gorani, other South Slavs


The 2011 census states the number of Bosniaks in Kosovo are 27,553, with around 21,000 of them living in the municipalities of Prizren and Dragaš.[3] Bosniaks make up 1.6% of the whole population.

Bosniaks in PrizrenEdit

From Tuzla they arrived first in 1935, continued until 1945. The reason of their arrival was to able to immigrate to Turkey under the Yugoslavian-Turkish migration law, samely tried some other Bosniaks in Socialist Republic of Macedonia. Today they are present in 18 villages: Nebregošte, Manastirica, Ljubinje Gornjo, Ljubinje Donjo, Rečane, Lokvica, Sredska, Bogošovce, Mušnikovo, Plavanje, Grnje Selo, Rlačiki, Pejciki, Drlajčiči, Milačiki, Zivinjanje.


There is a several Bosniak political parties in Kosovo and the oldest one is Bosniak Party of Democratic Action of Kosovo (Bošnjačka stranka demokratske akcije Kosova).

Bosniaks feel generally safe in Kosovo, but there are few that experience violence targeted towards them. There have been no Bosniak returns to Kosovo. Instead, more Bosniaks are selling their homes to leave for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Western Europe.[4]

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