Boro Din

Boro Din (Big Day) is what Christmas is called in Bangladesh.

Christmas in Bangladesh
Nirmol Rozario with Shaikh Hasina (The Prime Minister of Bangladesh) on the occasion of Christmas-2012.jpg
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina greeting members of the Christian Community on Christmas


Christianity was brought to Bangladesh in 16th century by Portuguese traders and missionaries.[1] Christians in Bangladesh make up 0.03 percent of the population.


Christians in Bangladesh give gifts and cards to each other. Christmas is national holiday in Bangladesh. People greet each other with "Shubho Boro Din" (Greetings of the Great Day). In rural areas, banana trees and leaves are used for decoration. Special events are held in hotels and Christmas specials are shown on TV. Tribal celebrations are a little different from Bengali Christmas celebrations. Traditional foods include cakes, pitha, paesh, shemai, and sandwich.[1] Christians visit churches and make Christmas cakes. Churches are decorated with small paper triangles called Nishan. Church choirs perform Bengali Christmas songs.[2] Christmas feasts are called Preeti Bhoj and hymns are called Kirtan.[3]

Some restaurant such as, Westin Dhaka and Pan Pacific Sonargaon host programmes for Boro Din.

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