Bornholm amulet

The Bornholm amulet is an Arabic silver coin with Latin text written with runic inscription. The amulet is only 2.5 cm in diameter.

Bornholm amulet
Diameter25 mm
Catalog numberCCCCLXXVII
Bornholm amulet (CCCCLXXVII).jpg
DesignLatin text written with runic inscription


The finding place is unknown but the coin was handed over to the National Museum of Denmark in 1821, with information that the coin was found in the year 1770 on Bornholm.


The dating of the amulet was at first considered to be between 907 and 913. In 1965, the dating was revised to be between 885 and 896.


The height of the runes are 0,3-0,8 cm.


Obverse; e(i) (e)asusus kristus= =fil=uis t(e)i fifi inomina b|atris eþ fil|ius ins eþ sb=iritu|s

Reverse; k=rist=us (b)i | bius=ank=uis fifiþ | fit=am itirn=a|m k=ustotaþit


... Iesus Christus filius dei vivi. In nomina patris et filii ... et spiritus. Christus ... pius sanguis vivit, vitam aeternam custodiat.

English translation

... Jesus Christ, son of the living God. In the name of the Father, the Son ... and Spirit. Christ ... the gracious blood is living, may it preserve eternal life.[1]

The inscription may very well be the oldest example of so-called Runic Latin in Denmark.[1]

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