Borneo campaign (1945) order of battle

This is the complete order of battle of Allied and Japanese forces during the Borneo campaign of 1945. As the campaign was fought in three geographically separate areas and the same air and naval units supported more than one of these battles the order of battle is split into the three areas.

An Allied estimate of Japanese units in Borneo at the end of April 1945
A map showing the progress of the Borneo campaign

Summary order of battleEdit

Allied forcesEdit

Japanese forcesEdit

Battle of Tarakan (1945)Edit

Allied units ("Oboe One Force")Edit

Ground forcesEdit

Royal Netherlands East Indies Army

  • 2nd Company, 1st Battalion Netherlands East Indies Army [2]

United States Army

Air unitsEdit

Naval unitsEdit

Japanese unitsEdit

  • Army-Navy Headquarters
    • 455th Independent Infantry Battalion
      • 1 Company
      • 2 Company
      • 3 Company
      • 4 Company
      • Machine Gun Company
    • 2nd Naval Guard Force
      • 1 Company
      • 2 Company
      • Air Defence Unit

Battle of Balikpapan (1945)Edit

Allied units ("Oboe Two Force")Edit

Ground forcesEdit

Air unitsEdit

Royal Australian Air Force

United States Army Air Forces

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy

Naval forcesEdit

Japanese unitsEdit

  • IJA 37th Army[citation needed]
    • 432nd,[citation needed] 454th,[4] 455th, 553rd, 554th, 774th Independent Infantry Battalions[citation needed]
    • 20th, 22nd Independent Machine Gun Battalions
    • 64th Independent AA Gun Company
    • 307th, 332nd Independent Motorcar Company
    • 103rd Field Road Unit
    • 75th Construction Duty Unit
    • 147th Line-of-Communication Hospital
    • 37th Army MP
    • 4th Signal Unit[citation needed]


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