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Born Reckless is a 1937 gangster film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and Gustav Machatý (St. Clair received sole directorial credit) and starring Brian Donlevy and Rochelle Hudson. Donlevy plays a race-car champion who infiltrates a mob-run taxi cab company. Barton MacLane plays the chief mobster.

Born Reckless
Directed by Malcolm St. Clair
Gustav Machatý
Produced by Milton Feld
Sol M. Wurtzel
Written by Contributing writers:
Alfred Golden
Lige Conley
Edwin Olmstead
Screenplay by John Patrick
Robert Ellis
Helen Logan
Based on "Born Reckless" by Jack Andrews
Starring Rochelle Hudson
Brian Donlevy
Barton MacLane
Robert Kent
Harry Carey
Pauline Moore
Chick Chandler
William Pawley
Francis McDonald
George Walcott
Joseph Crehan
Music by Samuel Kaylin
Cinematography Daniel B. Clark
Edited by Alex Troffey
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
June 25, 1937
Running time
59 minutes
Language English


Plot summaryEdit

Bob Kane (Brian Donlevy), an auto racer, becomes a cab driver for a company that is being strong-armed by Jim Barnes (Barton MacLane) and his gangsters trying to gain control of all of the city's taxi companies.[1]



Filming occurred at the Fox studio and at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. During filming, Donlevy injured his hand, necessitating that two fingers be bandaged. The bandaged hand had to be concealed throughout filming, though it is visible at the end of the film.[2] Former stars of the silent era Jack Mulhall, Joyce Compton and Mary McLaren have uncredited bit parts.

Union Station did not open until 1939.


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