Boris Blumin

Boris Blumin (January 11, 1908 [December 29, 1907 O. S.], Saint Petersburg – February 16, 1998, Trenton, New Jersey) was a Canadian-American chess master.

Born in Russia, he emigrated to Canada, where he played in several chess championships. He took 9th at Toronto 1927 (CAN-ch, Maurice Fox won); took 4th at Montreal 1929 (Fox won); tied for 3rd-4th at Toronto 1934 (John Belson won); took 3rd at Montreal 1935 (Fox won). Blumin was twice Champion of Canada winning at Toronto 1936 and Quebec 1937. He tied for 3rd-4th, behind Israel Albert Horowitz and Isaac Kashdan, at Boston 1938 (U.S. Open).[1]

He was a five-time winner of the Montreal City Championship (1933–1939).[2] In August 1939, he moved to New York City, where he took 11th at the U.S. Open (Reuben Fine won).[3]

He won the Hamilton Chess Club Championship at New Jersey in 1986.[4] He died in his home on Terrapin Lane. He was suffering from Alzheimers with his wife and son by his side.


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