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Border Patrol (U.S. TV series)

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Border Patrol is a 34-episode syndicated half-hour adventure/drama television series which aired in the United States during calendar year 1959, with Richard Webb cast as Don Jagger, the fictitious deputy chief of the Border Patrol. Webb earlier portrayed the title role of Captain Midnight, a 1954-1956 CBS television series based on an earlier radio program.[1]

Border Patrol
Directed byRichard Whorf
StarringRichard Webb
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes34
Running time30 min.
Production company(s)Chris-Jane Gallu Productions, Inc.
DistributorCBS Television Film Sales, Inc.
Original networkSyndicated
Picture formatBlack and white
Original releaseMarch 10 – November 17, 1959

In the series premiere on March 10, 1959, Jagger and a Seminole Indian chief played by Ralph Smiley enter the Florida Everglades in pursuit of a gang of gun-smuggling illegal aliens.[2]

Selected episodesEdit


  • "The Party Line": An inventor, a foreign-born American citizen, is told that he must return to his old country with his inventions or face harm to his family members left behind.
  • "Killer Abroad"
  • "Passport to the Deep": A smuggling ring brings foreigners to the United States illegally for a price.
  • "A Bundle of Dope": Jagger travels to San Diego, California, to investigate narcotics smuggling from Mexico.
  • "Tide of Death": A South American refugee living in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, played by Edward Colmans (1908-1977) pens an autobiography. Two assassins from his old country kidnap his son and demand the manuscript in exchange for the boy's life.
  • "Cargo Unknown": Jagger travels to the Canada–United States border to investigate the smuggling of weapons stolen from military armories.
  • "The Logmen": Jagger goes undercover as a logger in a lumber camp near the Canada–United States border to investigate the smuggling of illegal immigrants. Tyler McVey and Gilman Rankin guest star.
  • "Love, Death and Diamonds": A beautiful girl seeks help from the Border Patrol in exposing a smuggling racket. Eleanor Berry and Herbert Rudley guest star as Rosemary Comstock and John McAuliffe.
  • "Rattigan and the Cat": A woman tells police captain Bob Rattigan, portrayed by Dick Wessel (1913-1965), that her husband is plotting her murder.
  • "Rendezvous in Los Angeles": Jagger fakes mortal illness to set a trap for an alien-smuggling gang.
  • "Black Sand, White Coral"
  • "The Kwan-Yin Case": A piece of Chinese jade is linked to the death of a man and the unmasking of a smuggler.
  • "The Quota Case"
  • "In a Deadly Fashion": A Border Patrol agent goes undercover as a boxer to nab a violent gangster. Don Gordon guest stars.
  • "Death in the Desert": Jagger travels to Yuma, Arizona, an alien-smuggling ring. Ron Hagerthy guest stars.
  • "Bracero": with Robert Knapp as Peterson
  • "Test of Strength"
  • "Night Target": Jagger investigates a fishing-chartering service in New Orleans linked to an alien-smuggling ring, with guest stars Dean Fredericks and Rico Alaniz.
  • "Case of the Cockeyed Patient"
  • "The Vegetable Man": With Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr., as Tacalpa
  • "Terror on the Gold Coast"
  • "The Homecoming" with Lon Chaney, Jr., as a racketeer
  • "Everglades Story" , the pursuit of a gang of illegal aliens who are smuggling guns, with Rico Alaniz as Vargas
  • "Lost Star": A foreign agent kidnaps a film star to gain control over her husband, a diplomat (series finale).[2]


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