Bordeaux Segalen University

Bordeaux Segalen University (French: Université Bordeaux Segalen; originally called University of Victor Segalen Bordeaux II) was one of four universities in Bordeaux (together with Bordeaux 1, Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 and Montesquieu Bordeaux IV) and five in Aquitaine. In 2014, it merged with Bordeaux 1 and Bordeaux 4 to form University of Bordeaux.[1]

Bordeaux Segalen University
Université Bordeaux Segalen
Bordeaux Segalen University logo.svg
Established1968 (historic 1441)
Endowment million
Budget 171 million
PresidentManuel Tunon de Lara
Academic staff
Administrative staff
146 rue Léo-Saignat
33076 Bordeaux Cedex
, ,

Bordeaux Segalen also contained the UFR d'Oenologie, a reputed oenological institute founded in 1880 by Ulysse Gayon, the same year of foundation as the similar faculty of University of California at Davis.[2]

Since 2003, a team led by Dominique Martin of the Bordeaux University Hospital, has been rehearsing for the first human operation in zero gravity, using Zero-G aircraft. The operation is part of a project to develop surgical robots in space that are guided via satellite by Earth-based doctors. The project is developed with backing from the European Space Agency (ESA).[3]

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