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BoosterJuice Ltd. is Canada's largest chain of golden fresh juice and smoothie bars, owned and led by Dale Wishewan, President and CEO. The chain specializes in smoothies made of pure juice, fruit sorbet or vanilla frozen yogurt, frozen fruit, fresh yogurt and ice. Founded in 1999 in Sherwood Park, Alberta, this company was quickly franchised, setting a Canadian record for opening 50 stores in the first two years. Since then, it has grown to have more than 350 traditional and 25 non-traditional locations in Canada, one in India, one in Dubai, two in the United States and three in Mexico.

Booster Juice Ltd.
IndustryFood Service\ retail
FoundedSherwood Park, Alberta, Canada (1999; 20 years ago (1999))
FounderDale Wishewan
HeadquartersEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
Key people
Dale Wishewan, President & CEO
ProductsFresh Juice & Smoothies



Dale Wishewan opened the first Booster Juice in 1999 when he realized the market for juice bars in Canada. Prior to opening the first Booster Juice, Wishewan tested the idea at his home by offering smoothies to family and neighbours.[1] Shortly afterwards, the first Booster Juice location opened in November 1999 in Sherwood Park, a hamlet located east of Edmonton.

Booster Juice expanded rapidly to include different parts of the country, with the bulk of its stores located in Western Canada. Encouraged by this success, Wishewan has entered international markets in Europe and the Middle East.[2]

Today, Dale Wishewan is the President and CEO of Booster Juice in Canada.[3][4]


In January 2019, Alberta Health Services released a report that found chemicals, cleansers and other agents being used improperly at a Calgary Booster Juice.[5] They found that fruits and vegetables were being washed in Sani Stuff disinfectant-a product designed for institutional cleaning.[6] CEO Dale Wishewan emphasized that this is a single case incident and they are looking into a retraining programming on the cleaning procedure. [7]

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