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Leu (or Low) sieu (simplified Chinese: 娄宿; traditional Chinese: 婁宿; pinyin: Lóu Xiù) meaning "the Train of a garment", was one of the twenty-eight lunar mansions of the traditional Chinese astronomy. It was one of the White Tiger of the West (西方白虎).

Map of Leu sieu

The asterisms in the Region of Leu (婁宿天區)Edit

Asterism Chinese
Meaning Modern
Number of stars Alternative
Notes Representing
Leu 婁(娄) the Train of a garment Aries 3 天狱[citation needed],
降婁 (降娄)[citation needed],
郁车宫[citation needed]
[2] The lasso which was used to hang the sacrificed animal and the sickle for cutting the harvest
Tso Kang 左更 the Left Watch Aries 5   [3] Forestry manager
Yew Kang 右更 The Right-hand Watch Pisces 5   [4] Livestock manager
Tien Yuen 天倉 (天仓) Heaven's Temporary Granary Cetus 6   [5] Second granary which was used in agriculture and harvesting
Tien Yu 天庾 Heaven's Temporary Granary Fornax 3   [6] Third granary which was used in agriculture and harvesting
Tien Ta Tseang 天大將軍
Heaven's Great General Andromeda
11 天將軍,[7][8]
大將軍[citation needed],
[10] The great general of the heavens and ten subordinate officers


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