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The Bombardier T2000, or Tram 2000, is a low floor tram design developed for use on the Brussels tram system. The Brussels tram system has a fleet of 51 cars and were delivered from 1993 to 1995. The cars are double ended cars with driver's cabin on both ends and separated from passengers. Made in Germany, they have a 100% low-floor design, which was later used on Flexity Outlook vehicles ordered by STIB as the successor to the T2000.

Bombardier T2000
A photograph of a Bombardier T2000 tram at Louise/Louize tram stop.
A T2000 at Louise/Louiza tram stop
ManufacturerBombardier Transportation
Built atMannheim, Germany
Entered service1993-present
Number built51
Fleet numbers2001-2051
Line(s) servedBrussels tram system
Train length22.80 metres (74.8 ft)
Width2.3 metres (7.5 ft)
Height3.4 metres (11 ft)
Doors8 (4 per side)
Articulated sections2
Maximum speed70 kilometres per hour (43 mph)
Weight35.70 t (35.14 long tons; 39.35 short tons)
Electric system(s)750 V CC
Current collection methodpantograph
Track gaugeStandard
Tram 2000

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