Bolognese Republic

The Bolognese Republic was proclaimed in 1796 in the Central Italian city of Bologna.[1]

Bolognese Republic
Repubblica Bolognese
StatusClient state of France
Common languagesItalian
Historical eraFrench Revolutionary Wars
• Established
June 1796
• Annexed by the Cispadane Republic
16 October 1796
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Papal States
Cispadane Republic


It was a French client republic established when Papal authorities escaped from the city of Bologna in June 1796. It was annexed by the Cispadane Republic on 16 October 1796.

It was given the first Jacobin Constitution written in Italy.[1] It had a government consisting of nine consuls and its head of state was the Presidente del Magistrato, i.e. Chief magistrate, a presiding office held for four months by one of the consuls.


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