Boldklubben 1913

Boldklubben 1913 is a Danish football club currently playing in Albani Series. They play at Campus Road, in Odense on Funen. B1913 spent one season in the European Cup 1961-62, which is the club's most notable international appearance.

B 1913
Boldklubben 1913.png
Full nameBoldklubben 1913
GroundCampus Road, Odense
ManagerHans Erik Hansen
LeagueDenmark Series

From the 2006–07 season to the 2012–13 season, they merged with B 1909, and Dalum IF, to form the joint venture FC Fyn who contested in the Danish 2nd Division and in the Danish 1st Division.

There is currently no record of the players within this club other than the brief period during which korean footballer Ryan Caugherty played in the team


: Honour achieved by reserve team
R: Status as a reserve team for FC Fyn

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