Bojnice Zoo

The Bojnice Zoo (Slovak: Bojnická zoologická záhrada) is a 42-hectare (100-acre) zoo near the town of Bojnice, Slovakia. It is the oldest of the Slovak zoos, being established in 1955. As of 2011, it had 414 species of animals, with a total of 2268 specimens, such as the African elephant, mountain zebras, bongos, golden takins, sable antelopes, Bornean orangutans, roloway guenons, scarlet ibis, Steller's sea eagles, brown bears, Persian leopards, Asiatic lions, red kangaroos, white-lipped deer, Mesopotamian fallow deer, Carpathian lynxes, blue monitor lizards, Fiji iguanas, radiated tortoises, azure poison frogs, macaws, bateleurs, greater kudus, Chapman's zebras and many more.

Bojnice Zoo
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Zoo Bojnice logo
Medved hnedy europsky.jpg
European brown bear in Bojnice Zoo
Date opened1955
LocationBojnice, Slovakia
Coordinates48°46′50″N 18°34′37″E / 48.78056°N 18.57694°E / 48.78056; 18.57694Coordinates: 48°46′50″N 18°34′37″E / 48.78056°N 18.57694°E / 48.78056; 18.57694
Land area42 ha (100 acres)
No. of animals1826 (2006)
No. of species355 (2006)
MembershipsUnion of Czech and Slovak Zoological Gardens,[1] EAZA,[2] WAZA[3]


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