Bohusläningen (Swedish: Bohusläningen, lit. 'The Bahusian') is a daily newspaper, focusing on central and northern Bohuslän, as well as western Dalsland.

The newspaper's main office in downtown Uddevalla
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Stampen AB
Editor-in-chiefIngalill Sundhage
Founded1878; 142 years ago (1878)
Political alignmentIndependent Liberal
Circulation26,700 (2013)

History and profileEdit

The newspaper was founded in 1878 by Ture Malmgren (1851-1922), a local publisher and politician. Bohusläningen considers itself Independent Liberal in regards to politics.[1] Headquartered in Uddevalla,[2] the paper has local editorial offices in Henån, Munkedal, Färgelanda, Tanumshede, Kungshamn and Lysekil.

Bohusläningen was published in broadsheet format[3] until October 2003 when its format was changed to tabloid format.[2]

The circulation of Bohusläningen was 27,800 copies in 2012 and 26,700 copies in 2013.[4]


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