Bogbodia is a bog-inhabiting agaric fungal genus that colonizes peat and Sphagnum and produces tan-colored fruit bodies. The only species in the genus is Bogbodia uda. Characteristically it forms chrysocystidia and rather large, finely roughened, violaceous basidiospores each with a poorly defined germ pore.[2] The genus differs from Hypholoma which has smaller, smooth basidiospores and typically have cespitose fruit bodies and decay wood. Phylogenetically, Bogbodia is distinct from Hypholoma, Pholiota, and Leratiomyces.[3][4][5]

Bogbodia uda 174345.jpg
Bogbodia uda
Scientific classification

Redhead (2013)
Type species
Bogbodia uda
(Pers.) Redhead (2013)

Agaricus udus Pers. (1801)
Coprinarius udus (Pers.) P.Kumm. (1871)
Hypholoma udum (Pers.) Quél. (1877)
Psilocybe uda (Pers.) Gillet (1878)
Naematoloma udum (Pers.) P.Karst. (1880)
Geophila uda (Pers.) Quél. (1886)
Dryophila uda (Pers.) Quél. (1888)
Hypholoma fulvidulum P.D.Orton (1999)


The name Bogbodia alludes to the tan color and occurrence in northern peat bogs as do bog bodies.[2]


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