Bofors 375mm anti submarine rockets

The 375mm ASW rocket family is an ahead-throwing anti-submarine warfare (ASW) rocket launcher system developed by Bofors. The system has three types of launcher with either two, four or six barrels, and entered service in the 1950s. Sweden used the four-barreled system on the Hallands and Visby-class destroyers. France built the four-barrelled system under licence then developed the six-barrel system and used it on many classes of warship including T 47 and T 53-class destroyers and A 69-class avisos (corvettes). The Netherlands used it in the Friesland-class destroyers. It was also was used by Royal Malaysian Navy on the Kasturi-class corvettes before they removed it from the ships. Indonesia use it on its three Fatahillah-class corvettes and Brazil on six Niterói-class frigates, all of which are still in service.

Bofors 37,5cm anti submarine rocket launcher m/50
375mm rocket
TypeAnti-submarine rocket
Place of originSweden
Service history
Used bySweden, Germany, France, Japan, Netherlands, Colombia
Caliber375 mm (14.8 in)
Maximum firing range3,625 m (11,893 ft)[1]
WarheadHigh explosive
Acoustic Proximity Fuse

PropellantSolid fuel
HSwMS Halland with dual 375mm m/50 on the bow
375mm launchers on HSwMS Småland

Other ballistic ASW systemsEdit


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