Bodung Station

Bodung Station (Norwegian: Bodung holdeplass) is a railway station located in Bodung in Nes, Norway on the Kongsvinger Line. The station was built in 1913 as part of the Kongsvinger Line. The station is served hourly, with extra rush hour departures, by the Oslo Commuter Rail line 460 operated by the Norwegian State Railways.

Bodung holdeplass.JPG
Bodung Station (2009)
LocationBodung, Nes
Coordinates60°05′06″N 11°25′11″E / 60.08500°N 11.41972°E / 60.08500; 11.41972Coordinates: 60°05′06″N 11°25′11″E / 60.08500°N 11.41972°E / 60.08500; 11.41972
Elevation126.6 m
Operated byNorwegian State Railways
Line(s)Kongsvinger Line
Distance53.38 km

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