Bodø Station

Bodø Station (Norwegian: Bodø stasjon) is a railway station located in the center of the town of Bodø in Bodø Municipality in Nordland county, Norway. The station is the terminus of the Nordland Line that was completed in 1961. The station is served by day- and night trains to Trondheim and commuter trains to Rognan, operated by Vy using Class 93 units.[3][4][5]

Bodø Station

Bodø stasjon
Railway station
Bodø jernbanestasjon.jpg
View of the station
LocationBodø, Bodø Municipality,
Nordland county
Coordinates67°17′11.000″N 14°23′29.130″E / 67.28638889°N 14.39142500°E / 67.28638889; 14.39142500Coordinates: 67°17′11.000″N 14°23′29.130″E / 67.28638889°N 14.39142500°E / 67.28638889; 14.39142500
Elevation2.9 m (9.5 ft)
Owned byBane NOR
Operated byVy
Line(s)Nordland Line
Distance728.75 km (452.82 mi)
ArchitectNSB Architecture Office
Other information
Station codeBO [1][2]
Bodø Station is located in Nordland
Bodø Station
Bodø Station
Location within Nordland
Bodø Station is located in Norway
Bodø Station
Bodø Station
Bodø Station (Norway)

The decision to build the railway to Bodø was made in 1923, but was not completed until the 1960s due to lack of funds and World War II. Freight traffic was permitted starting in December 1961 while the passenger section was opened on 7 June 1962 by King Olav V. In 2010, the station building was upgraded for 25 million kr, including a 23-room, 71-bed hostel.[6]


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