Bobby Orr Trophy (CHL)

The Bobby Orr Trophy represents the Central Hockey League's highest individual defensive award. Previously recognized as the CHL Most Valuable Defenseman Award,[1] beginning with the 1979–80 CHL season[2] the Bobby Orr Trophy was named in honour of the Hockey Hall of Fame defenceman.

List of winnersEdit

Season Winner Team
1963–64 Barclay Plager Omaha Knights
1964–65 Mike McMahon St. Paul Rangers
1965–66 Al LeBrun St. Paul Rangers
1966–67 Mike McMahon Houston Apollos
1967–68 Bryan Watson Houston Apollos
1968–69 Barry Gibbs Oklahoma City Blazers
1969–70 Mike Robitaille Omaha Knights
1970–71 Andre Dupont Omaha Knights
1971–72 Bart Crashley Dallas Black Hawks
1972–73 Len Frig Dallas Black Hawks
1973–74 Claire Alexander Oklahoma City Blazers
1974–75 Ian McKegney Dallas Black Hawks
1975–76 Ian McKegney Dallas Black Hawks
1976–77 Mike O'Connell Dallas Black Hawks
1977–78 Larry Giroux Kansas City Red Wings
1978–79 Greg Hubick Dallas Black Hawks
1979–80 Bruce Affleck Dallas Black Hawks
1980–81 Bruce Affleck Indianapolis Checkers
1981–82 Dan Poulin Nashville South Stars
1982–83 Gord Dineen Indianapolis Checkers