Board of Marshals

The Board of Marshals (원수부,元帥府) was the ministry which managed over all the military of the Korean Empire. This was for the centralization of power towards the then-emperor, Gojong of the Korean Empire. After the establishment of the board, the power of the military authorities were handed to the Emperor. 2 regiments' worth of both the Imperial Guards and the City Guards were organized to guard the capital city, Hanyang (한성,漢城). The Board then commissioned Military Police, Military Engineers, and a Military Band. The total number of the modernized army grew to a significant number of 28,000 just before the Russo-Japanese War. After the victory, the Japanese reduced and later removed all military power from the Emperor.

Board of Marshals
Gojong of the Korean Empire 01.jpg
Emperor Gojong, head of the Board of Marshals
Agency overview
FormedFebruary 1897
DissolvedSeptember 1904
JurisdictionFlag of Korea (1882–1910).svg Korean Empire
HeadquartersHanyang (한양,漢陽)


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