BoBoiBoy Movie 2

BoBoiBoy Movie 2 is a 2019 Malaysian computer-animated superhero comedy film directed by Nizam Razak. The film follows BoBoiBoy and friends as they have to fight an ancient villain named Retak’ka who wants to take over BoBoiBoy's elemental powers.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2
BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Official Theatrical Poster.jpg
Official theatrical poster
Vietnamese: BoBoiBoy 2: Cuộc Chiến Ngân Hà
Directed byNizam Razak
Written byNizam Razak
Anas Abdul Aziz
Based onBoBoiBoy by Nizam Razak
StarringNur Fathiah Diaz
Fadzli Mohd Rawi
Wong Pak Lin
Nizam Razak
Ieesya Isandra
Anas Abdul Aziz
Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria
Nur Sarah Alisya
Yap Ee Jean
Wong Wai Kay
Music byYuri Wong
Distributed byAstro Shaw
Release date
  • 8 August 2019 (2019-08-08)
Running time
110 minutes
BudgetRM7 million[1]
Box officeRM30 million
(US$7.4 million)[2]

It is the second film to be produced by Animonsta Studios from sequel of BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016). It is a standalone sequel to the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. It is co-written by Nizam himself and Anas Abdul Aziz. This is the first film to use settings and characters from BoBoiBoy Galaxy.

It was released simultaneously in 4 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore on 8 August 2019. The Vietnamese dub version of the film was released in Vietnam on 30 August 2019.[3]


BoBoiBoy and Gopal are on a mission to Planet Saharu to claim a Power Sphera among a penguin monster's eggs. Gopal accidentally drops the egg he is supposed to replace the Power Sphera with, hatching a baby. The monster chases them, not before BoBoiBoy escapes via Ice Slide. Gopal was caught by the mother penguin, not before BoBoiBoy notices Adu Du and Probe stealing the Power Sphera. He chases Adu Du and Probe before defeating them with Fang while he calls Yaya to rescue Gopal. Before the gang departs, BoBoiBoy rescues Adu Du and Probe.

A group of miners locate a mysterious figure imprisoned within crystal. 100 years ago, two figures had clashed before putting the one in question in a Crystal Prison and draining his powers. Meanwhile on the voyage home, Tarung commends BoBoiBoy's team for rescuing the every Power Sphera given, although Fang questions BoBoiBoy for nearly jeopardizing the mission by saving Adu Du and Probe. The figure escapes the Crystal Prison and introduces himself as Retak'ka, before finding out that he has a remnant of his crystal powers. Claiming to be the first master of the Elements, he blackmails the leader of the miners into giving him the location of BoBoiBoy and obtaining Power Spheras for their safety and more crystals. Probe treats Adu Du's injuries before leaving for Earth.

The gang land at Tok Aba's Kokotiam and meet their family members. It turns out that Papa Zola had a daughter with Mama Zila, Pipi Zola. Fang, who was worried about the safety of their Power Sphera, was comforted by BoBoiBoy and Ochobot to invite him for dinner at Aba's home. Adu Du and Probe almost tried to obtain the Power Sphera, but Pipi Zola, who was accidentally brought to the ship, activates the Power Sphera, EggaBot, giving her tortoise armor and defeating Adu Du and Probe.

The gang received an emergency message from Koko Ci as their base, TAPOPS was under attack. So, they were tasked to go to Planet Quabaq. However, BoBoiBoy insists to go to TAPOPS Station. They were astonished to see that the Station was wrecked with Koko Ci and Tarung defeated. BoBoiBoy faces Retak'ka only to get overpowered, even with Fang, Ying and Yaya. BoBoiBoy then uses Penta Split to attack Retak'ka, who showed dismay at BoBoiBoy splitting his powers. He absorbs 5 out of 7 of BoBoiBoy's powers before using his Darkwood form to ensnare their main ship in vines. Gopal approaches and saves BoBoiBoy, who plans to save Yaya, Ying and Fang but was prevented due to Ochobot rushing to teleport them to Quabaq. Koko Ci tells BoBoiBoy to find Hang Kasa.

The group crash lands at Planet Quabaq's goop. BoBoiBoy and Ochobot stay back to quickly disclose information about Hang Kasa before Gopal tells them to leave the ship. BoBoiBoy then transforms into Ice to freeze the goop, saving more time for them to evacuate and frees Papa Zola. BoBoiBoy suddenly remembers about Adu Du and Probe, who according to Ochobot, were not in the ship. They encounter Kang Kongs, sloth monsters which are slow in light but fast in dark. Due to his Solar element being stolen by Retak'ka, BoBoiBoy resorts to Blaze. However, BoBoiBoy reverted back into his original form after having not enough energy. The group got attacked by the Kang Kongs only to be saved by a mysterious figure.

The mysterious figure introduces himself as Hang Kasa. He mentions that Retak'ka was a disciple of his who wrecked havoc, before offering to charge the Power Spheras and prepping BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Adu Du and Probe to train for the battle against Retak'ka. Retak'ka goes on a conquest to upgrade his Elemental powers by absorbing energy from various planets. He prepares to drain energy from Planet Gur'lathan. On Captain Kaizo's ship, Koko Ci, Tarung, Maskmana, Yaya, Ying and Ramenman discuss about going to BoBoiBoy's location. It turns out that Captain Kaizo rescued Fang, Yaya and Ying from the exploding TAPOPS Station and placed a tracker on Retak'ka's ship. Fang and Kaizo got down on Gur'latan, where they to Koko Ci that all the guards have been defeated. Yaya and Ying then trace Retak'ka and his crew's current location to Planet Bayugan, at where Retak'ka plans to upgrade his Wind element, before Ying sends a warning signal to inform them about the threat.

While BoBoiBoy and Gopal continue their training, the miners trace BoBoiBoy's location near Planet Rimbara. Kaizo's side prepares to evacuate the native tribesmen. With the last one finally on the ship, Retak'ka begins to absorb the planet's energy and traps Kaizo's ship. While Yaya, Ying and Fang hold off Retak'ka, Captain Kaizo manages to blast off. BoBoiBoy and Gopal think about when they will be able to complete their training, before coming to realize that the sooner that they can complete their training, the soon that they could return to Earth. They then continue their training.

Papa Zola and his daughter then come across Tok Kasa's house, which is a restricted area. In a twist, the Zolas find out that his house was full of technology. BoBoiBoy and Gopal were forced to pay training fees, at where Gopal only has one dollar Hang Kasa mentions another way to pay for their training by means of taking BoBoiBoy's Quake Element. He trapped BoBoiBoy and Gopal in Crystal, and in no time he start absorbing the Quake Element.

The Zolas, Adu Du and Probe locate Ochobot where they eventually found out that Hang Kasa had its databank fixed. They found out that Hang Kasa was the original master of the Crystal Element. In a twist, Hang Kasa had fixed Ochobot's databank, where they find out that he is an old friend of Retak'ka. The former had discovered him on Planet Gugura, a large landfill. They were best of friends, at where Kasa discovered the Power Sphera CrystalBot while Retak'ka discovered the Power Sphera GammaBot. However, Retak'ka became greedy, stealing 5 more powers. He came for Hang Kasa's Crystal power, forcing Hang Kasa to use Ochobot to take away the powers from him.

Retak'ka then tells the gang to fight him at Earth, saying that if he hadn't came across Fang, Yaya and Ying and took them as hostages, he wouldn't have known about the planet that contains all 7 Elements. Kasa also realizes that the Crystal Prison had kept him younger than he normally should be. Hang Kasa attempts to trick Retak'ka into having his guard down, while Pipi Zola uses EggaBot to free BoBoiBoy and Gopal. Retak'ka manages to overpower his former master before plotting to kill him. However, BoBoiBoy blocks the attack, before Retak'ka pins him to a rock. Gopal senses that BoBoiBoy is in danger and joins the fight, as Zola uses EggaBot to fight the miners. Retak'ka proceeds to kill BoBoiBoy, but Hang Kasa blocks his attack and insists on giving BoBoiBoy the Quake Elemental to encourage BoBoiBoy to stop Retak'ka and apologizes for turning his back on him.

BoBoiBoy is reminded that splitting only makes him weaker, so he fuses Blaze and Ice to create FrostFire, Gopal hands him Ochobot to take away Retak'ka's Crystal Element. Retak'ka fights back as Voltra, but Ying, Yaya and Fang, who were freed by Papa Zola, team up with BoBoiBoy to defeat Retak'ka. Refusing to admit defeat, he destroys a nearby dam, but BoBoiBoy freezes him with Ice Giant and sends him to outer space as Supra before collapsing into the river below. The remaining members then jump into the river to save BoBoiBoy.

BoBoiBoy wakes up in the space hospital where he was greeted by his friends and family. Mama Zila gets angry at Papa Zola for bringing her daughter to the mission. Hang Kasa passes down his responsibilities of handling the 7 Elements to BoBoiBoy, before sharing a warm embrace.

In a post-credits scene, Maskmana hands his Power Sphera, ArmoBot to Amato to repair. Amato asks Maskmana on why he shouldn't have joined the fight, where the latter answers that he should be the one who had helped BoBoiBoy. Amato denies that, saying that BoBoiBoy needs to be independent as there is a more important mission waiting for him.


  • Nur Fathiah Diaz as BoBoiBoy
  • Fadzli Mohd Rawi as Retak'ka
  • Wong Pak Lin as Hang Kasa
  • Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria as Gopal
  • Nizam Razak as Papa Zola
  • Ieesya Isandra as Pipi Zola
  • Nur Sarah Alisya as Yaya
  • Yap Ee Jean as Ying
  • Wong Wai Kay as Fang
  • Anas Abdul Aziz as Cici Ko, Adu Du, Probe, Tok Aba and Encik Kumar
  • Muhammad Abdurrahman Solahuddin as Ochobot
  • Hazwani Hamizah Mahayuddin as Ayu Yu
  • Nur Iman Andaliz as Tarung


The director Nizam Razak stated that the process of filmmaking for this second film is faster than the first film and only took one year to be finished. They enforced a 12-month deadline to see if they can make a film without jeopardising the quality or the storyline of the animation.[4] He admitted there is pressure in completing the movie on time but his production team of 100 people managed to do that within that time. They used better technology such as Redshift and comprehensive simulation method[5] even though the cost will be higher to give the best quality to the audience.[6] If the reaction to this film is positive, they plan to make movies consistently, with a new film every one year or every one-and-a-half year.[4]


"Fire & Water"
Single by Faizal Tahir
from the album Rojak
Released27 June 2019
LabelFaithful Music Sdn Bhd
Songwriter(s)Faizal Tahir
Producer(s)Animonsta Studios
Astro Shaw
Faizal Tahir singles chronology
"Fire & Water"
"Until We Meet Again"

The official song for this movie is created and sung by Faizal Tahir after he was offered to sing the song from Animonsta Studios. He described the opportunity to sing the movie theme song as a platform to approach young fans.[7] Its official lyric video was released on 27 June 2019[8] and the music video was released on 26 July 2019.[9] The iTunes release came on 2 August 2019, alongside all songs in his newest and last album, Rojak.


Before the release of BoBoiBoy: The Movie in 2016, Nizam Razak stated that they already have their ideas for the second film.[10]

Initially, this would be the first Malaysian film to be released simultaneously in 5 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam. However, the Vietnam release was postponed to 30 August to make a full Vietnamese dub version.[11] For the Indonesian market, it is distributed by CBI Pictures while for the Vietnamese market, the film is distributed by CGV Cinemas and Mani Entertainment. It will be screened in more than 500 cinemas,[12] consists of over 144 cinemas in Malaysia, 8 in Singapore, 4 in Brunei, 150 in Indonesia and 120 in Vietnam.

There were requests from Thailand and the Philippines to release the film as well as plans to target South Korea, India and China for the future releases.[13]


Days of screening Cumulative sales in Malaysia
1 day (8 August) RM1.18 million
5 days (12 August) RM9.90 million
(US$2.36 million)[15]
8 days (15 August) RM15.80 million
(US$3.77 million)[16]
11 days (18 August) RM21 million
(US$5.02 million)[17]
18 days (25 August) RM25 million
(US$5.97 million)[18]
26 days (2 September) RM27.70 million
(US$6.62 million)[19]
70 days (18 October) RM29.57 million
(US$7.3 million)[2]

Monsta targets the film to collect more than the first film (RM15.70 million) as the number of cinemas that show this film is higher. This film collected the biggest-grossing local animation film on its first day, raking in RM1.18 million. It successfully achieved its target by overtaking the first movie after just 8 days, collecting RM15.80 million. In 18 days, the film has collected RM25 million within three weeks. It has overtaken Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal (2019) to be the 4th highest-grossing local film in Malaysia and the highest-grossing animation film in Malaysia, including all local and international animation films, after collecting RM27.70 million for 26 days. However, the title of the highest-grossing animation film in Malaysia did not hold for too long as Ejen Ali: The Movie and Frozen II have surpassed it after only 3 months, which grossed RM 30.8 million and RM 41.67 million respectively.

In 70 days, BoBoiBoy Movie 2 has reached RM30 million (US$7.4 million) for Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam with RM29.57 million (US$7.3 million) to be the 3rd highest-grossing local film within Malaysia at that time.[2]

Awards and NominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref(s)
2020 Malaysia Film Festival Best Animated Film BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Nominated [20]
2020 Laurus Film Festival Best Photo/Poster BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Won


2020 Laurus Film Festival Best Trailer/Teaser BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Won


2020 New York Animation Film Awards Best Animation 3D Film BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Nominated


2020 Florence Film Awards Best Animated Film BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Nominated



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