Blue Stack Mountains

The Blue Stack Mountains[1] or Bluestack Mountains, also called the Croaghgorms (Irish: na Cruacha Gorma, meaning "the blue stacks"), are the major mountain range in the south of County Donegal, Ireland. They provide a barrier between the south of the county, such as Donegal Town and Ballyshannon, and the towns to the north and west such as Dungloe and Letterkenny. The road between the two parts of the county goes through the Barnesmore Gap.

Blue Stack Mountains
Irish: na Cruacha Gorma
Sruell , Croaghgorm - - 954646.jpg
Binnasruell in the Blue Stack Mountains
Highest point
Elevation674 m (2,211 ft)
CoordinatesCoordinates: 54°45′27″N 7°58′17″W / 54.75750°N 7.97139°W / 54.75750; -7.97139
Blue Stack Mountains is located in Ireland
Blue Stack Mountains
Blue Stack Mountains
CountryRepublic of Ireland
Provinces of IrelandUlster

The highest mountain in the range is Croaghgorm, which is 674 metres high. Nearby summits include Ardnageer (642 m), Croaghanirwore (548 m), Croaghbarnes (499 m), Croaghblane (641 m), Croaghnageer (571 m), Croveenananta (476 m), Gaugin Mountain (565 m), Lacroagh (403 m), Lavagh More (671 m) and Lavagh Beg (650 m).[2] Silver Hill (600 m), is the smallest mountain in Ireland to meet the 600 m threshold for a Simms classification.



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