Blue Origin NS-20 was a sub-orbital spaceflight mission operated by Blue Origin, which launched on 31 March 2022 using the New Shepard rocket.[1] With six people on board, it was Blue Origin's fourth crewed flight, and twentieth flight overall to reach space.[2]

Blue Origin NS-20
Mission typeCrewed sub-orbital spaceflight
Mission duration10 minutes, 4 seconds
Apogee107 km (66 mi)
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftRSS First Step
ManufacturerBlue Origin
Crew size6
Start of mission
Launch date31 March 2022, 13:57:55 UTC
RocketNew Shepard (NS4)
Launch siteCorn Ranch, LS-1
ContractorBlue Origin
End of mission
Landing date31 March 2022, 14:07:59 UTC
Landing siteCorn Ranch

Blue Origin NS-20 mission patch  

The flight was originally scheduled to launch on 23 March, but was later postponed to 29 March, and then again to 31 March.[1] American comedian Pete Davidson was expected to fly on board, but was unable to due to the launch date change.[3] It was later announced that Blue Origin employee Gary Lai, chief architect of Blue Origin's New Shepard vehicle, would replace Davidson. Apart from Lai, the five other participants of the flight were paying passengers.[4]



The NS-20 crew was nicknamed the "Roaring Twenties".[5]

Prime crew
Position Crew
Tourist   Marty Allen
First spaceflight
Tourist   Sharon Hagle
First spaceflight
Tourist   Marc Hagle
First spaceflight
Tourist   Jim Kitchen
First spaceflight
Tourist   George Nield
First spaceflight
Tourist   Gary Lai
First spaceflight


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