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The Blue Letter Bible Project is an initiative of Sowing Circle, a United States-based, non-denominational Christian ministry, who has created a Study Bible in both CD format and for the internet. Sowing Circle, a California 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation, was founded in November 1995. The Project supports 12 English Bible translations, Hebrew and the Septuagint for the Old Testament, and the Greek Textus Receptus and Westcott-Hort versions for the New Testament. Integrated study tools include Gesenius' Lexicon for the Old Testament, and Thayer's Lexicon for the New Testament, as well as English and Strong's Concordances for the entire Bible. Dozens of Bible Commentaries are also available.

A series of free instructional videos entitled "Introducing the Blue Letter Bible" is available on YouTube.[1] There is also a Blue Letter Bible iPhone and Android app.[2][3][4]

The Blue Letter Bible is so called because of the blue color of the hyperlinks. The name "Blue Letter Bible" also contrasts with the term red letter Bible which is a common form of printed Bible with key words, such as the words of Jesus, highlighted in red.


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The 66 books of the Protestant Bible are available in the Blue Letter Bible.[5] The Blue Letter Bible (BLB) Project has three ongoing initiatives as of November 2006:

  • The BLB CD for gratis distribution to missionaries, pastors and students, with over 100,000 CDs distributed. Calvary Chapel Magazine, a publisher and affiliate ministry of Calvary Chapel, has distributed over 45,000 BLB CDs to their readership (missionary emphasis), with worldwide distribution, and Koinonia House, publishers of Personal Update, (distribution over 100,000 monthly) offers free distribution of the BLB CD to their subscribers.
  • The BLB website for online Bible study does have 3 adverts on the right hand sidebar. Over 3,500,000 hyperlink cross-references are present, and over 375,000 pages views are distributed (daily average 3rd quarter 2006). Over 1,250 independent websites (link) distribute BLB internet content through BLB search tools embedded within their websites. Example
  • The BLB Institute for structured Biblical studies, under free registration, with over 28,000 registered students in 3rd quarter 2006.

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