Blondes by Choice

Blondes by Choice is an American silent comedy film directed by Hampton Del Ruth and starring Claire Windsor. The script was written by Josephine Quirk and Paul Perez.[1]

Blondes by Choice
Blondes by Choice.jpg
Directed byHampton Del Ruth
Screenplay byJosephine Quirk
Paul Perez
StarringClaire Windsor
CinematographyRay June
Edited byEdith Wakeling
Distributed byLumas Film Corporation
Release date
October 1, 1927
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States


When a man named Cliff's car breaks down, he is towed into the nearest town by a female motorist. It turns out the woman is named Bonnie, and she is the owner of a soon-to-be-opening beauty parlor that has riled up the town.

When she bleaches her hair to stimulate business, a local women's group comes to protest, but she orders them out. But then Cliff's wealthy mother brings Bonnie to a yacht party as her guest of honor, and the local women change their tune and decide to patronize her business; soon she pays off her mortgage and is proposed to by Cliff.



The film was well received by critics; The Casper Star-Tribune, for example, called it a "fast-moving and amusing affair," noting its expert direction.[2] A reviewer for The Hartford Courant lauded it for its "genuinely hilarious" humor, "high-caliber" cast, and snappy pace.[3]


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