Blockades of the Tolbiac center of University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne

The Tolbiac centre of University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, which hosts the undergraduate lectures in Law of this university, is regularly blocked by students in order to protest reforms of the government. Lectures are then cancelled, up to several months.

1997 blockadesEdit

Tolbiac center has been occupied by 200 protesters for one month after a reform in 1997.[1]

2006 blockadesEdit

After some small fights, lectures have been canceled and Tolbiac occupied in 2006.[2]

2007-09 blockadesEdit

During the 2007–09 university protests in France, Tolbiac center of Paris 1 has been multiple times occupied by 75 to 200 far-left or left activist and courses have been cancelled to prevent further occupations.[3][4] Violence been spotted: some doors of the university have been cut with jig-saws, people have been pressed against grids and slapped, those wearing kippas insulted for being Jew.[5]

2010 blockadesEdit

Tolbiac has been blocked in 2010, after a reform and to pay tribute to students who have blocked Tolbiac in 1995 and 2006.[6]

2018 blockadesEdit

In 2018, Tolbiac centre was once again blocked for one month. Among some students' many demands were:

1, the revocation of the law granting universities the possibility to select students on merit and not on random base if there is not enough places available for all applicants;[7]

2, the resignation of the president of France Emmanuel Macron;

3, the Republic's recognition of Kurdistan's statehood;

4, an automatic pass mark for all students of Pantheon-Sorbonne.

Violence militants were spotted and Molotov cocktails found.[8][9] An MP came to Tolbiac to discuss with the occupants but he was physically attacked by the occupants.[10] The occupants gave a press conference from inside the building, with a dog on the press table and with a setting which was mocked over the internet.[11][12] A parodic Twitter account of the dog speaker was set out and received nearly 30 000 followers, it was called a "satire of (leftist) militantism".[13][14][15][16]

Some professors of history and other social sciences of Pantheon-Sorbonne approved of the occupation.[17][18][19] However, the president of the university Georges Haddad denounced a capharnaum of violence, drug, sex and rave parties in the occupied Tolbiac center[20] and asked the police to remove the vandals. The police first refused to do it and Emmanuel Macron explained that decision in a TV interview by referring to the topography of the Tolbiac centre. The police finally broke in the early morning, while the occupants were sleeping. The police founded new Molotov cocktails that the occupants intended to use on them. The students had heavily vandalized the recently refurbished center, the cost of the damages might be near 1 million euros.[21][22][23][24] Haddad decided to file a criminal complaint.[25]

Tolbiac center was briefly blocked in October 2018, one student having been injured.[26]


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