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Blekinge County Council is the county council of Blekinge County in Sweden. Blekinge county council was created in 1863.

Blekinge County Council

Region Blekinge
President of the County Council
Birgitta Ståhl, Moderate Party
Proportional representation
Last election
Meeting place

The county council has 159,362 inhabitants and consists of 5 municipalities. The county council Blekinge is responsible primarily for health care. In addition to health and dental care, the county council also has responsibility for public transport.[1]

A regional institution has been formed in a cooperation project between the primary municipalities and county councils in order to take coordinated responsibility for development in the county. In the framework of this project, Blekinge Region, for example, municipal and county councils have coordinated cultural activities and are responsible for, among others, music and the allocation of funding for the county's cultural associations.



County council (Swedish: regionfullmäktige) has 57 elected councillors, led by:[2]

  • Birgitta Ståhl (M): Chairman of the County Council
  • Peter Christensen (L): First Deputy Chairman of the County Council
  • Kalle Sandström (S): Second Deputy Chairman of the County Council.


After the Swedish county council election in 2018, the following political parties are represented in the Blekinge county council.[3]

Party Seats Votes %
Social Democratic Party 19 33,974 32.48%
Sweden Democrats 12 21,509 20.56%
Moderate Party 12 20,969 20.05%
Centre Party 5 7,937 7.59%
Left Party 3 5,967 5.70%
Christian Democrats 3 5,349 5.11%
Liberals 3 5,034 4.81%
Others - 3,654 3.49%
Total 57 104,593 100%
Turnout 106,530 85.74%

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