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Blaze Comics is a fictional American comic-book publisher in the DC Comics universe. The issues regularly featured Booster Gold as its main hero.

Blaze Comics
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBooster Gold #1 (May, 1986)
Created byDan Jurgens
In-story information
Type of businessPublishers
Owner(s)Skip Andrews (Managing Editor)
Employee(s)Benjamin Lindgren
Martin Kramer

Fictional historyEdit

Blaze Comics is a comic book publisher run by the Managing Editor Skip Andrews. Popular Blaze titles include Astro Teens, Commander Courage.

Skip worried about falling sales figures and late books. He wondered how to give the company a boost, when his eyes catch the headline of the Daily Planet, about Metropolis’ latest hero "Booster Gold". Skip Andrews contacted Dirk Davis, Booster Gold's Manager about licensing his client for a Blaze Comic book based on the hero's adventures.[1]

Skip eventually assigned his star artist and writer, Benny Lindgren and Marty Kramer respectively, to production of Booster Gold's comic adaptation.[2]

Things were going well for Benny until the 1000 found out he and Marty, the writer on the Booster Gold book, had information about Booster Gold. They were kidnapped by the 1000 and tortured until they gave them all the information they had. Afterwards, they were shot in the head and left for the police to find.[3]

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