Blata (company)

Blata, is a Czech company, based in Blansko, that produces high performance, mini moto bikes. These bikes are designed and built for use on a closed, paved circuit.

Pavel Blata, the founder of the company, had his first experiences with motorbikes as a competitor of six-day motorbike endurance events. During this time he had the chance to ride many different machines. Blata learnt first hand how they worked, what was important for the rider and also what the rider actually wanted. He saw the positive as well as the negative aspects of each different machine. After some time he decided that he must do something with this knowledge.

By the end of the 80's he had started to produce and sell scooters and minibikes under the Blata name. He gradually built up a small team of people that he could trust, and set up a strong basis for the management of his company. This management core concentrated on building up another team of experts around them in the form of engineers, technicians and developers.

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