Black Sea Lowland

The Black Sea Lowland is a major geographic feature of the Northern Pontic region and the East European Plain. It almost completely within the Southern Ukraine covering half of its territory.

Black Sea Lowland


The lowland is located along the northern shores of Black Sea, stretching from west to east from the Danubian Plain, contiguous with the Wallachian Plain and forming the Lower Danubian Plain,[1] and Bugeac. Past Molochna River to the east, it transforms into a narrow Azov Littoral, Azov Lowland. To the south-east the Black Sea Lowland extends onto the Crimean peninsula where it is known as Crimean Lowland. The northern borders composed out of several uplands such as Moldavian Plateau, Podillia Upland, Dnieper Upland, Zaporizhian Ridge, Azov Upland. Azov, Crimean, and Bugeac lowlands consider to be extension of the Black Sea Lowland and its regional extremities.


Black Sea Lowland is an accumulative, weakly divided plain which being part of the greater Eastern European Plain gradually slopes towards the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

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Coordinates: 47°N 33°E / 47°N 33°E / 47; 33