Black Scapular of the Passion

The Black Scapular of the Passion is a Roman Catholic devotional scapular associated with the Passionists.[1] The tradition of the Passionists holds that before St. Paul of the Cross founded the Congregation of the Passionists he had a Marian apparition during which he received the black habit of the order with the badge on chest. Thereafter, the Passionist Fathers gave the faithful who wished to associate themselves more closely with their order a black scapular in honor of the Passion of Christ.


This small scapular has a replica of the badge of the Passion, namely a heart with three nails above a cross, on which is written "Jesu XPI Passio" and below "sit semper in cordibus nostris". The other portion of the scapular hanging at the back, may consist simply of a small segment of black cloth, but at times has an image of the Crucifixion of Christ.

The indulgences for the scapular were extended to all the faithful who wear it by Pope Pius IX in 1861.[2] Various other indulgences for the faithful who wear this scapular, were then approved by the Congregation of Indulgences in 1877.

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