Black Rock Range

The Black Rock Range is a mountain range in northwestern Nevada.[1] It is named for Black Rock Point, which is located at the southern end of the range. The Black Rock Range divides the Black Rock Desert into eastern and western arms. Pahute Peak, also known as Big Mountain,[2] is the highest point in the range at 8,566 feet (2,611 m) above sea level.

Black Rock Range
Kluft-photo-Black-Rock-Point-in-mirage-June-2004-Img 1188.jpg
Black Rock Point and the Black Rock Range
Highest point
PeakPahute Peak/Big Mountain
Elevation8,566 ft (2,611 m)
Black Rock Range is located in Nevada
Black Rock Range
Location of Black Rock Range in Nevada
CountryUnited States
RegionBlack Rock Desert
DistrictHumboldt County
Range coordinates41°16′47.63″N 119°3′37.65″W / 41.2798972°N 119.0604583°W / 41.2798972; -119.0604583Coordinates: 41°16′47.63″N 119°3′37.65″W / 41.2798972°N 119.0604583°W / 41.2798972; -119.0604583
southern Black Rock Range

The majority of the range is part of the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. In addition two separate federally designated wilderness areas are part of the Black Rock Range. Those wilderness areas are Pahute Peak Wilderness and the North Black Rock Range Wilderness.

In December 2009, the Bureau of Land Management announced a roundup of 2500 wild horses out of an estimated population of 3000 in the Black Rock Range and vicinity, due to overpopulation.[3]


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