Black Eagle of Santa Fe

The Black Eagle of Santa Fe (German: Die Schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe) is a 1965 West German and Italian international co-production western film directed by Alberto Cardone and Ernst Hofbauer.

Die Schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe
Black Eagle of Santa Fe.jpg
Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Music byGert Wilden
CinematographyHans Jura
Edited byHerbert Taschner
Distributed byConstantin Film
Release date
  • 12 March 1965 (1965-03-12) (West Germany)
  • 28 August 1965 (1965-08-28) (Italy)
Running time
95 minutes
  • West Germany
  • Italy


Ranch workers disguised as soldiers murder Indians in order to stir up trouble with the whites so the rancher can claim their land.


Jack Lewis recalled that Ron Ormond asked him to write a draft of a script based on a magazine story called Fort Disaster adding Indians, cavalry and Frank and Jesse James. When Ormond passed on the screenplay, Lewis retitled his screenplay Massacre Mountain and gave it to his agent Ilse Lahn Waitzerkorn[1] who several years later leased his script to Constantin Film.[2] The Germans used the screenplay to bring back Tony Kendall as Black Eagle from The Pirates of the Mississippi with his frequent film partner Brad Harris. Joining Harris was his future wife Olga Schoberová who appeared with Harris in Massacre at Marble City.



Black Eagle of Santa Fe is considered a contemporary homage to the Karl May film adaptations.[3]


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